What is Heartfulness?

It is all about feelings. Our entire life is led by feelings and inspirations, and that is the role of the heart. When we listen to those feelings and capture the inspiration that comes from within, we can master our life by listening to the heart. This exercise of fine-tuning the heart with the mind is done through meditation on the heart. That is why we call this process Heartfulness Meditation.

Heartfulness provides an experimental approach to the practice of Sahaj Marg meditation. Learn at your own pace. Start by meditating on your own or with a trainer who has permission to impart yogic transmission. There are no charges.

Try Heartfulness Guided Relaxation.


Experience Heartfulness Meditation in your own home or in a workshop in your area, and discover the effect of transmission for yourself: http://en.heartfulness.org/events/.

Contact us at: info@heartfulness.org

Heartfulness International Convention in New Jersey (December 18, 19 & 20. 2015)

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